“I started having weekly visits with Jo when I could no longer deal with my anxiety.  Jo is a very kind and understanding lady and makes you feel at ease.  Within a few sessions I was able to rationalise my thoughts and change my way of thinking.  The MP3 recording is brilliant and really helps to calm me before sleep, and put me in a positive mind set.  I  would 100% recommend hypnotherapy.  I was sceptical at first, but the work Jo does is amazing and I can’t thank her enough!”

What you taught me about myself has changed my life completely.
As you know my weight was a big issue for me as I was using it as a security blanket to keep me safe from any potential sexual attack after the abuse I suffered as a child.  For me, the 16 stone marker was the stumbling block, as I haven’t been under that weight in 25 years. Every time I got close to it, I would sabotage my diet plan purposely to avoid any unwanted attention from people (men particularly).
I can proudly say that I have lost over two stone and finally beaten that marker, and am now closer to my ultimate goal than I have been all my adult life.  The work you do is amazing and I am eternally grateful to you for your help in getting me this far.”

Morning Jo! I am delighted to report that today I had my first blood test taken from my arm in 35 years! I wasn’t agitated, panting and sweating like I used to, but I was calm and my steady breathing ensured that the test itself went quickly and smoothly. I didn’t even mind being second in the “queue” (someone else beat me to my usual first spot). Thank you so much. This has made an immeasurable difference to me and has hugely improved my quality of life. I can now move forward with positivity and embrace whatever life throws at me without fear.
I will have no hesitation in recommending you and wish you all the very best for the future.”

“I honestly couldn’t put into words how incredible this woman is. She is so gifted and patient and simply amazing. She has already guided and helped me make such massive changes in how I approach and deal with things and also given me the tools to lay things from the past to rest. What Jo can offer is life changing. I would highly recommend her, she is incredible.”

“I went to Jo for help as I’d been living with chronic insomnia for about 28 years. I also wanted to find the will power to stick at a diet and lose weight. I was constantly exhausted, life in general was an effort and I craved, and gave into, chocolate and sweets on an almost daily basis. I had become resigned to always feeling this way and I admit to feeling sceptical that anything could change such a long standing problem. During our first consultation Jo explored my aims and goals and explained how the process worked, and the links between insomnia and weight issues. Jo is patient, calming, takes the time to explain everything and genuinely cares. I followed the plan and believed in Jo and myself… And here we are, 8 weeks later – I am sleeping, waking up feeling refreshed, life is easy, and I am losing weight! I would urge anyone with similar problems to talk to Jo, you won’t regret it. I’m not one to dramatise but she really has changed my life. A massive, heartfelt THANKYOU Jo.”

“I was apprehensive at first as I didn’t know what to expect or what the sessions would entail but I have to say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. Jo is an amazing person whose calming voice and gentle nature puts you at ease from your very first meeting. I have nothing but praise for this incredible woman who has shown me how to access the tools from within to help me deal with past and present life struggles. With Jo’s help I have laid past ghosts to rest, resolved my spider phobia and adopted a more positive outlook on life. All this while accepting and dealing with health issues and sleep problems. For the first time in my adulthood I have taken back control over my life and I’m beginning to enjoy it again. Thank you for everything Jo. I’m over the moon with the new improved me.”

“I have Fibromyalgia and went to see Jo for help with chronic pain, IBS and other symptoms. I immediately felt a difference and as the sessions progressed, my need for painkillers reduced dramatically – I now only need one or two (on a bad day) doses. My IBS has all but gone and I am sleeping well. Not only did the hypnotherapy drastically improve my symptoms, but it has also given me resilience to deal with life’s stresses, which in turn impacts positively on my physical health. Hypnotherapy has helped me where the doctors could not. It’s amazing. If you’re in a similar situation, go and see Jo – she has changed my life.”

“I have suffered with CRIPPLING ‘stage fright’ for 21 years. I am a confident person and it was never just a case of nerves, it was an extreme physical experience, a massive over production of adrenaline which absolutely floored me. I went to see Jo as I had to give a public speech and there was no getting out of it! I could not have anticipated how well her treatment worked. After one session I was able to give my presentation without ANY adrenaline, I was able to talk confidently and calmly without fear of the physical symptoms taking over. This has been miraculous! I have avoided public speaking at all costs for the last 21 years and it has been so frustrating for me. Thank you Jo. This has changed my life.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave me to lose weight, I was stuck in a rut and unwilling to help myself. For anyone who needs help then I cannot recommend Jo enough. She is inspiring and always made me feel so calm and able to tell her anything. You have made such a difference as I was so negative in my approach to everything and this was contributing to my difficulty with weight loss. I appreciate everything you did thank you again.”

“After 4 sessions with Jo I am now aware how the brain works and how I am able to control the way I think. I cannot thank Jo enough for the training not only through trance, but also ways to work towards my goals, that I have now reached with her help. Could not recommend enough.”

After many years in the same job without being successful at any chances of promotion and feeling very depressed and anxious about the whole situation I was put in touch with Jo to try to sort through my emotions. I had 10 sessions with Jo and cannot recommend her enough, each session is very well structured with goals for the next session at the end. This really helped me to understand the journey I was on and helped both my work and family life! My anxiety disappeared and I started to see things as achievable, I have since moved on and now have a new job which is something that seemed unachievable this time last year! I have to thank Jo for all her help and would not have achieved this without her assistance.”

“Jo has helped me with so many niggling problems. Her calm and positive approach alongside the miraculous methods of the solution focussed system have really turned my life around. My sleep has improved, my voracious appetite has abated, the chronic pain I’ve suffered for years is less intense and my anxiety levels have dropped. This form of therapy is highly effective and Jo’s patient and caring manner reassuring and affirming.” 

“I contacted Jo in relation to issues of low self-esteem and bouts of anxiety. I found taking the step to seek help from a professional very difficult, but Jo very quickly put me at ease. I found Jo really easy to talk to and she explained the process of hypnotherapy to me clearly. I was very nervous about the therapy at first, but Jo made me feel safe and relaxed and I very quickly saw results from sessions we had. The difference seeing Jo has made is unbelievable, I feel so much more confident and calm and the improvement in my self-worth is reflected in the choices I now make. Jo has left me with tools to help me continue my positive journey and I am very grateful for all she has done for me. If you are thinking about hypnotherapy, I would highly recommend going to see Jo.”

“7 or 8 sessions into hypnotherapy for chronic pain relief and my health is the best it’s been since 2015. Repeat prescription due this week and I have a whole month’s worth plus a week of unopened painkillers. I’m not 100% yet, but it’s amazing to not be in constant pain… if you’ve got similar issues, come and see Jo. It really does work.”

“I wasn’t entirely convinced that I could be hypnotised so wasn’t sure whether I’d get anything out of my visits but how wrong I was. After just a couple of weeks the improved quality of my work had been noted by colleagues and I felt more able to take on complex tasks I normally would have avoided. My personal life has improved too as I am quicker to respond to stresses and diffuse them before they become overwhelming. I really can’t recommend Jo highly enough.”

“Absolutely amazing. Session 3 and I feel so much better and so positive, I don’t know how it works or why, but it does and Jo is so amazing at what she does and how relaxed you feel, highly recommend! Thank you Jo, feel the best I’ve felt in years all thanks to you.”

“Jo is really helping me to move forward with my life. I’m so happy to have discovered this, I never imagined that hypnotherapy would be able to help me.”

“After returning from a great holiday in the sun last winter I came back to the reality of day to day life and the atrocious weather and I felt as low as I ever had in my whole life.  I was getting panic/anxiety attacks almost every hour and completely lacking any energy whatsoever to do anything and a complete lack of confidence. At my worst I was struggling to get out through the front door and my mind was in negative overdrive filled with fear and dread.
After another panic attack and in complete desperation I Googled Anxiety Help and was very fortunate that the first contact to appear was Jo’s Hypnotherapy – a total godsend.
Even though I was slightly apprehensive at our first meeting Jo made me feel instantly at ease and explained what anxiety was and why it happens.  It made me feel so much better … with our regular weekly meetings and with Jo’s understanding and explanations the anxiety attacks became less frequent and less intense. I believe I saw Jo approximately eight times in just over two months and the anxiety slowly eased … I’m nearly back to normal and that feeling of a downward pressure which was with me from day one has almost disappeared.
I can never thank Jo enough for all the help she gave me and I know if I ever feel in this state of mind again Jo is only a phone call away.
I believe the first meeting is completely free so if you are feeling anxious or depressed I would definitely get in touch with Jo.  Thanks ever so much.”

I would just like to say a big thank you to Jo for giving me the confidence I need to go out and meet people. I would never had done this without her help. I had about 7 sessions at Jo’s clinic, which I recommend to anyone low in confidence.”

“Hi Jo,
I would just like to say that I appreciate the help you’ve given me over the last few weeks. I have become a much more independent person, and I feel my confidence has risen a huge amount.
Thank you Jo, huge help!”

“Having hypnotherapy with Jo Malseed has completely turned my life around.  I wanted to lose weight.  Now I have a much better relationship with food.  Not only have I achieved that, Jo has helped in so many areas of my life.  I can highly recommend this lovely lady, she is a true professional.”