Online and Telephone Terms and Conditions

It goes without saying that your privacy and safety whilst working with me are of paramount importance.  So, if you opt for online or telephone hypnotherapy, I shall ask you firstly to confirm via email that you will observe these National Council for Hypnotherapy guidelines:

“Please confirm the environment you will be in is safe, secure and private to protect confidentiality and personal safety; that there are no distractions or, more importantly, nothing or nobody requiring your attention during the session.  It is important that you have thought about putting measures in place to cover these situations and not to treat the session as an interruptible conversation like most others you are familiar with.

Check the action needed in the event of a technological glitch.  If communication should fail mid-session, set an alarm for a time after the session would have ended.  Arrange for one of your trustworthy friends or a family member to be accessible, and please give their contact number and details to the therapist before the session begins.  Also, please provide an alternative contact number as a back-up process to enable contact to be made effectively and efficiently should it be required.”